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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Mr. Shoombe to Namambe please tell us how many cars you have driven so far?
I have driven many customer’s vehicles …LOL, but I own only one vehicle. a Volvo sedan by the name Kasape, she is soo lovely …LOL. The bakkie belongs to my company.

2. Very good, now tell us about yourself?
I am a simple, down to earth, peace and fun loving brother. As a boy I grew up in the village looking after goats and cattle. I am now a grown up man who is trying to make a living and improve my life, my staff members, and that of my community and Namibia at large.

3. Where did you go to school?

I started my primary education at Nakayale primary school, later went to ST. Joseph high school Dobra, Windhoek Vocational Training Centre and later to the College of Cape Town. I am now a mechanical engineering technician specialising in automotives.

4. You are running some businesses in Outapi, would you like to tell us more about that? And where the business is located.
Ombalantu Automotive Engineering cc is an e-CAR franchise under the Bosch and Diesel Electric products. It offers quite a range of services ranging from vehicle maintenance to wheel balancing and fitment centres, Steel fabrication, vehicle spare parts, auto electric services and diagnostics. It is a challenge running such a business in Outapi, but at the same time it’s quiet a good challenge also. it depends on who your clients are and how your market is. I believe in life nothing is too tuff or too easy, but it all depends on how you pronounce it in your own terms. We are located along the main road (Oshakati-Ruacana road) in the Outapi industrial area at Erf 1225.

5. How did you manage to start such a challenging business in Outapi?

Well, starting such a business is no joke, it requires a high degree of commitment, it requires a lot of monetary input and sacrifices, it requires a lot of planning, it requires a lot of passion and you should be able to handle a lot of stress on a daily basis. Well in short, I managed.

6. What are your future business plans?
I worked in the mining industry, part of my passion is still there. I will soon be involved in that industry.

7. What is your favourite car?
I love sport cars soo much (speed). Aston Martin and a Bentley are not a bad idea at all.

8. Give us two towns in Namibia that you like the most.
Windhoek and Outapi rocks, that is where most business opportunities are lately ..LOL, but there are still some challenges out there.

9. If you are given a choice to become a Minister, which Ministry are you going to head and what are you going to change first?
Ministry of Trade and Industry, it’s not doing too bad but needs to govern and acts on upcoming businesses and for foreign business to partner with locals ones to allow everlasting ownership of properties in our beautiful motherland. The Ministry of mines and energy, the same as trade ministry.

10. Which country in Africa is manufacturing its own cars and engines?
So far South Africa is well ahead of us and other African countries in vehicle manufacturing industry. they manufacture most of the vehicle parts and products. We as a neighbouring country and region depend heavily on them. I hope vision 2030 will bring us at the same level with them.

11. What should be done to reduce car accidents in Namibia?
We can only reduce road accidents starting with ourselves, Self-discipline and respecting other road users. We should make sure that our vehicles are well maintained and serviced at correct service intervals, we should reduce our alcohol intakes and have proper rest before going on a journey. we should drive with care.

12. Any other thing that you would like to share with us?
Let’s make Namibia proud in our own ways, lets make vision 2030 a reality. All of us as citizens.

Inside the spacious workshop where vehicles are tested and repaired

Mr. Shoombe explaining how the machine that does diagnostic testing works

Modern equipment to lift up vehicles


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