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Categories: namambe interview

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It is a great honour to have Mr. Ambrosius Mwetwadha Agapitus as a Special Guest on Show.

Ambrosius Mwetwadha Agapitus

Ambrosius Mwetwadha Agapitus (79) is a former Director of Education Programmes from 01/09/1990. In June 1994 he was requested to take over the responsibilities of what was known as Windhoek Education Region (in Khomas, Omaheke and Otjozondjupa political regions) until his retirement in April 2003. It was probably due to this assignment that he was known as the Director of Education for the Khomas Region.

In October of the same year (2003), he became Namibia’s Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France. At about the same time, he was also appointed as a member of the Immigration Tribunal for the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration. While serving in this responsibility he was appointed chairperson of the Advisory Council on Teacher Training and Education.

In 2012 he was appointed chairperson of NSFAF to administer it in accordance with its founding legal instruments. Prior to all these appointments Agapitus has been a school principal at St Joseph High School which is a Roman Catholic Run school at Dobra, outside Windhoek. In this interview we will discuss issues relating to Oshiwambo dialects.

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