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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Mike to Namambe, what is your favourite colour?

It’s  good to be here, my favourite colour is Red

2. What do you think will happen if there will be no nights in Africa, the sun will just be bright 24 hours?
I think the sun will be there 24/7, AND thus, many people will be sleep deprived.

3. What is your favourite subject (s) and why?
Surely it has to be Mathematics, it tests ones ability to think out of the box, and it’s a subject that is applicable to many aspects of our lives.

4. Lovely! Please tell us about yourself?
Well I am an introverted youth, raised by a single mother, who encouraged me to read and study as much as I could, so from a young age I  used to get certificates every year and i was naturally a very intelligent boy, into my teenage years I ended up with the wrong crowd, but when we moved to Keetmanshoop, I slowly started taking every opportunity I could to make my mother proud, and thus, I won many Scientific, Mathematics fairs, and Debating Competitions, even going as far as representing my country abroad on 2 occasions and making it into the Children’s parliament.

5. You are doing a very interesting course chemical engineering, would you like to give a lay man’s explanation what this is all about and whether Namibia needs chemical engineers.
Well, Chemical engineering is about Manufacturing fluids for mass consumption, Designing Equipment for Manufacturing plants and industries, basically almost everything from Plastics, to oils and petroleum, must have gone through the hands of a petroleum engineer, its really a broad field. Namibia really needs Chemical Engineers, we are lacking in that department, and in comparison to other Engineering Disciplines, such as Civil and Mechanical, Chemical Engineers are as rare as they come in Namibia.

6. How is the standard of education in general at Indian universities and
did Namibia prepare you well in terms of coping with your studies?
well, it is very good, albeit very advanced, the level of Education is quite high, and the quality is good, but in India you are generally also expected to do a lot of work on your own as you there are many students in a class and special attention is not as readily available as back home, mostly due to the population. Well, in certain aspects, I was very prepared for the Indian System, but in other aspects, I was really left behind and had to push extra hard.

7. Are you being taught in English or another language at your universities?
I am being taught in English, in the Indian Accent though, haha

8. What subjects should our young people here at home concentrate on if they would like to become chemical engineers?
Mathematics, Physical Science, and English, Extra Mural Activities will also come in very handy when applying for Scholarships.

9. If you have the power and means to change something in Namibia, what is it that you will change and why?
I Would change the System we use to Educate our Children, School should be something that Children are eager and willing to attend, so I would remove those negative aspects such as alcohol and drug abuse from the system and have Children interested in learning as many skills from a young age as possible.

10. What was the most exciting moment in your life?
When I was chosen as a gold medalist for the 2010 National Science fair in Windhoek, that was a moment that I will cherish forever, and my mother was there to witness it.

11. There is a public perception in Namibia that mathematics is difficult, do you agree with this notion?
I do not agree with the general public, I would like to add though, that Mathematics already has some preconceived perceptions attached to it, so many give up before they even try.

12. What do you think will happen if education becomes free at all our universities in Namibia?
Many Youths will be able to make a success out of their future and contribute to the Economic growth or our country, although I believe that the cost should not be spared at the expense of quality.

13. Who is your role model and why?
Steve Jobs, the way he saw life, and his approach to everything is something really worth looking up to.

14. Who is your favourite author?
Dan Brown,I could read his books for days on end.

15. What is that you would like to share with our youths?
The quest for knowledge, Money is not everything, and when you have it, your life will not be complete, choose what you love, learn as much as you can, and live a life you can forever be proud of even in your olden dying days.

16. Is there something that you are missing so much while abroad?
Well, the silence, beauty, and serenity of Namibia and the peace that we try to maintain, we take such things for granted yet other people all over the world have them in limited supply.

17. If you are given one million Namibian Dollars how are you going to spend it?
I would transform a Government school into a state of the art Educational facility with labs, projectors and all that is necessary to compete on an international scale.

18. Give us the name of a rural village with a running website in Namibia
I do not know of any, but I will google it up.

19. What suggestions do you have for Namambe this year?
Increase your fanbase, have more youths interested, and start a revolution, it is possible, and this looks like the most formidable platform for an educational revolution.

20. Finally is there something that you still want to share with us?
Yes, to everybody out there, be the best that you can be, and do your best in everything, try to learn as much as you can, and fulfill all your goals, the world will chase you as soon as you complete all your goals.

Thank you so much Mike for your inspiration and insight.


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