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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Audrylin to Namambe. Please tell us about yourself?
I’m happy to be part of and to make a contribution to your online interview show…I like your Namambe idea very much. Thank you for the positive exposure you are granting me here.

I was born, raised and attended my primary & high school in Otjiwarongo, central north of Namibia. I started teaching at the age of 17 after completing my Grade 12, (then Standard 10 through the Cape Education Department), in Mangetti Duine –  one of the very  remote places in the northeast region of our country. It was quite an adventure as a young girl to get out of my parents wings and to work for myself. Although I was not qualified, I learned a great deal about teaching as a teacher on probation. One of the reasons why I ended up there was lack of financial support to pursue studies after completing my high school. This experience brought out the love for teaching in me. I pursued further studies in education after 5 years of working, learning and adapting to another culture which also equipped me with people’s skills. I can proudly say that I’m a people’s person and all the training I’ve received afterwards has to do with helping people – teaching, counselling, training and massage therapy. Currently, I’m a full-time Life Skills teacher & counsellor at Dawid Bezuidenhout High School. I’ve written and self-published my HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTIVATIONAL AUDIO BOOK in August, 2011. Here is the introductory message of my audio book, and the Happy Birthday Song by M Dwayne ft TeQuila, which features in my book. The online download of my complete Happy Birthday Motivational Audio Book will be available by end of March and everyone can check back in during the following two weeks or sooner on my author page on facebook, . All you need to have is internet access and a credit card. The book is priced at $15.99 online. For people who want it in the printed version, it consists of two audio CDs of eight chapters combined, Happy Birthday song and a bonus booklet in a DVD cover. It costs N$180 and is directly available from me. It is a great gift to someone on their birthday or anyone can get it anytime, because the messages are inspirational and life changing.

2. Wonderful!. You are involved in some part-time businesses; please tell us more about that.
I do Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Lymph drainage Massage training with a very flexible class program depending on my students work schedules & number of registrations, so we have classes in the evenings or on Saturdays.

The other project I recently started is called the POWER BRAIN COACHING CLASSES. This training helps clients to maximize on their ability to memorize information effectively and improve their concentration and reading speed so they can do more in less time. I also include study tips and homework support during the time they are attending the classes. I’m very confident about the techniques I’m teaching my clients because I used them and still use them myself. When I discovered some of these techniques, I was in my first year at the University of Namibia; I applied them and wrote two distinctions out of the three first year courses. I did my final year degree courses and my postgraduate diploma in one year and graduated with two qualifications while all my classmates graduated with one. I also completed my M.Ed degree in two years while teaching full-time while my class mates did it over 3-5 years and some even dropped out, because of work pressure. I’m mentioning this because I believe in the techniques & habits from personal experience. And what I’ve learned then, still works for me today, it’s like learning how to drive a car, once you got the techniques, it’s automated, you practice and apply and success follows. You understand how your brain works, what your brain can do for you. You apply, apply, and apply!!! Your brain takes you to a different level of thinking; you enjoy and have fun thinking and processing information. The classes are available on one-on-one and group coaching basis. You obviously pay less when you enroll for a group class.

3. Do you have further plans to expand your businesses in future?
I’m a creative being. I don’t stop thinking and trying out new ideas. I love my mind. God has blessed me with the ability to do all things I can put my mind to and I thank and glorify HIM by not neglecting my mental ability. So, a BIG YES…as the need arises and as God gives me the grace for the new ideas.

4. How do people get hold of you if they would like to make use of your services?
They can email me at or contact me at 081 817 2805.

5. I like the song that you posted to me for my birthday on Facebook, how did you put it on the internet? is a very simple and nice website which helps you to create your own audio channels for music, commercials, audio blogs, audio books and so on. It’s free of charge. You sign up and upload your work on your profile.

6. How long do your Massage Training & Power Brain Coaching Classes last and what are the requirements for those who want to enroll?
The Massage training varies between 4 weeks and 3 months for the different courses. Prospective students can get a detailed description and costs of the courses when they email me. The prerequisite for the massage training is Grade 10 or higher, you must be able to read, write & speak English and 16 years or older. The Power Brain Coaching classes are 3 times a week, 2hrs classes for 4-weeks and are open to anyone who studies and wants to well in their school work.

7. Who is your business role model?
Hmmm…A role model has a different meaning to different people, but there’s only one ideal definition for a role model. It’s someone who possesses the qualities, character, behaviours and personality that we would like to have and who affects us in a way that makes us want to be better people. Everyone thinks of one or more people along these lines…I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect, but to qualify as my business role model, you need to be reliable & honest in your daily dealings with yourself and others, consistent in your behaviour and actions, be selfless & respecting all people and loving what you do without stepping on other people for your own gain. I draw a little from different people as I grow, but the book of Proverbs from beginning to the end is my business role model. I learn everything from it…The principles of this book require commitment and obedience which can be a struggle for our carnal nature that desires quick results, but they help me sleep at night and “Rome was not built in one day.” Quick stuff and gain disappoint…

8. If you win one million Namibian Dollars what are you going to do with it?
Wow…please don’t tempt me…LoL. I’ve one business loan I want to settle as soon as possible, so a million Namibian Dollars will come in very handy and the rest will be well accounted for.

9. What is your favourite colour?
I believe my personality gets me in trouble when it comes to routine of any sort, whether it’s in a work place, business idea, food, clothing or colours. To have a hang on of one thing only, sounds like routine to me.  To be honest, I don’t have a favourite colour – my clothes, furniture etc are all in different colours.  I buy or wear what I like at a particular moment.

10. Is there any other thing that you would like to share with us?
As a Life Skills teacher and counsellor, I really want to urge parents to do their best for their children as they raise them. Be the parent they want to model when they grow up. We all have issues in families, but we cannot unload our responsibilities on other people, teachers or on the government. Do not give up on your child! If you are a Christian, pray and fast your child and family, and if you can’t go on a fast get help! Don’t be ashamed, because you are not the only one struggling with a specific issue or problem. I’m not talking about parents who are doing their part, because they know themselves – trying & doing their part when it comes to their children and are accountable before God for what He entrusted them with. There’s help available, children and parents and society at large must make use of those services. For instance, a parent knows their kid will not make it academically at the end of the year, but they fail to invest some money and time in activities like extra classes at different institutions or coaching classes I’m offering which will help their child do better in school. They wait until it’s too late and pay thousands of dollars more than the school fees a child was paying at a government school at a private institution when the child fails their grade. Another example is a couple who has marital problems and wouldn’t go for counselling or advice to a family therapist, spiritual leader or experienced couple who offer their service free of charge or at a reasonable rate…No, they are more than willing to pay thousands of dollars on divorce plus discomfort and pain down the road, not that many realize that. It’s a backwards thinking pattern and we can break all that by opening our eyes and hearts to opportunities that are available to help get us to a better level as individuals, families or as a nation.

Many thanks Audrylin for your insight and time.
Your are welcome and thank you too, Kashindi.


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