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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome to Namambe Dr. Kawana and congratulations on your academic achievement, please tell us about yourself

I was born at a village called Kasote, in the Kavango Region (15 kilometres west of Rundu), in 1985, I grew up at Ngone village, but spent childhood at Sambyu Catholic Mission. I started grade 1, in 1992, at HENANDAVA Primary School, now is EDEN Combined School in Okahandja, where I come to stay with a relative. In 1993, I went back to Kavango Region at Muhopi Primary, the Sambyu Missionary School, Ngone Combined School, and went for Secondary School at Maria Mwengere Secondary School from 2001-2003.  In brief I am from Kavango East, but I was born in Kavango West.and I am 31 years old now.

Undergraduate education
I went through different Universities such as University of Johannesburg previously known as RAU in the Republic of South Africa, for a Diploma in Forensic Investigations/ Auditing, University of South Africa, B-Tech in Forensic Investigations/Auditing, B-Tech in Household Economic Approach and Analysis at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa.

Work experience
After completing grade 12 in 2003, I was admitted to study Engineering as my first option and Geology as my second option at the University of Namibia in 2004, but due to financial constraints, it was not possible for me to pursue my studies, I must admit it was painful for me to accept.
This led me to look for a job, to assist me with any mode of study. Therefore, in 2004 I served as a Relief Teacher at Shambyu Combined School. The same year in September, I joined the Kavango Regional Council as a Clerk. As from 2005-2008, I served as an Accountant at the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication.  From 2008-2010, I served as a Chief Clerk responsible for Mukwe Constituency as well as Divundu Settlement, at Kavango Regional Council. As from 2010-2012, I served as a Control Officer at Erongo Regional Council, in June 2012 I was promoted to the level of a Chief Control Officer. As from 2014, I then joined Office of the Prime Minister, Department State Owned Enterprises Governance Council Secretariat, which later on became the Ministry of Public Enterprises as a Deputy Director the position I’m holding until today. I serves as an independent member of Public Accountants and Auditor Board of Namibia. I served as a supervisor for some research students at the Namibia Business School last year.  I served as a member of Namibia Vulnerability Assessment Committee from 2010-2014, and have conducted several field research and assessments.

Post-graduate education;
I did my Masters in Business Administration at Midlands State University of Zimbabwe (2011-2013).I am a professional member of the Institute of Internal Auditors: South Africa since 2009, and I became a member of the Institute of Directors of Zambia in 2016. This are some of the postgraduate studies and professional programs I went through. I am still doing a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics specializing in Food Security at the University of KwaZulu- Natal this year 2017.

2. What is the topic of your dissertation and why did you choose this topic?

For my Doctorate Degree, I interrogated the Role of Leadership in Water Technology Innovations in enhancing Job Creation in Kavango East, Namibia. The topic was born out of pain, to see the Kavango East Region being the poorest region in Namibia, despite the fact that the region has abundance of water and fertile soil. As a researcher I wanted to uncover the hidden phenomena surrounding leadership and water.
Secondly, in economics we believe that for any Nation to effectively develop, using natural resources it is a very imperative aspect to trigger self-reliance and employment creation.

3. Please explain your motivation for pursuing a PhD in Business Administration and how the degree will further your career goals

The most important motives for me to pursue the Doctorate Degree is to contribute to the body of knowledge in Namibia, Africa and beyond, also contributing to guidance of policy formulation if need be, in our Country. It is worth to note that, unless we conduct research on issues affecting Namibia ourselves, no one will do that for us. Therefore, there is a need for us young people to commit ourselves to research, which can be used to develop our Nation, instead of complaining.
As for the career, I must say that as a researcher, during my time of research at a Doctorate level, I have sharpened my research skills, meaning I can conduct advance research in my field anywhere else in the world. I thank God for that.

4. What has been your most challenging experience during your PhD study and how did you address it?

I must state that, conducting a Doctorate Degree research is a very expensive undertaking in twofold: it costs a lot of money, secondly, it requires a lot of time and energy to go through it. However, discipline, self-control, commitment is really required. This is what kept me going during my time of study.

This assisted me a lot, as we are speaking I have left a footprint, for being the first person to graduate with a Doctor of Business Administration at University of Namibia and other Institution of Higher learning in Namibia. Also take note that I’m have completed this degree at the age of 30 last year, making me one of the youngest graduate with a doctorate degree in Namibia.

5. Do you agree with this statement that Masters Degrees require less time than doctoral degrees? If so what has been your own experience like, now that you have gone through both levels?

Yes, I do agree, with your statement sir. A Masters requires less time because it requires less contents, while a Doctorate Degree requires more contents, making it to demand more time and efforts as well.

6. Where can one find a copy of your dissertation?

Copies of my dissertation are available at the University of Namibia, at the moment. But one can request a soft copy from me (

7. Is there something in Namibia that you will immediately change if you are given the power to do so? What is it and how will you change it?

Ha ha… Sir, this is simple for me. Given our situation in Namibia in terms of self-reliance and job creation, I will target aspect on policies that will enhance the utilization on our natural resources to enhance job creation in all regions. Natural resources is not only diamond and uranium, water and soil are natural resources in their own rights.

8. Who are the people that played a pivotal role in your life?

Firstly is God, who gave me strength, knowledge and wisdom, he is the best teacher that is why the Bible refers to Jesus Christ as Rabbi.
My mother and father played a big role in my life. I must acknowledge that everyone whom God brought in my way contributed something great to me that include you sir. Before I was born people already started to contribute tremendously towards my well-being. This include people such as Dr. Sam Nuuyoma, Dr. Hifikepunye Pohamba, Dr, Hange Geingob who fought tirelessly for me to have peace and freedom to study, I really thank this people they are our Assets.

9. What message do you have for our youth?

Allow me to use the Bible to advise the youth. The Bible says that “Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your heart” this message is very strong. It assisted me so much. So find out in which book it is written. You got a homework.

10. In conclusion maybe you something else that you would you like to share with our readers?

To end this discourse, allow me to state that Namibia is a very small country, but no matter how small we are we can make a different in the world. For everything is possible.

Thank you very much Dr. Kawana for your time and insight.


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