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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Naambo to Namambe, first of all we would like you to tell us how many languages do you speak?

I speak oshiwambo (Kolonkadhi) English and Russian

2. Great! Please tell us more about yourself?

I Was born and raised in Onesi, nineteen eighty something (mombala yoshilongo shuuKolonkadhi) grew up in a very big, christian family. I left home when I was 12 years old for boarding school, I did not spend much time at home. After I completed my high school I registered at Unam for information studies it was not my thing at all. Since we have had an opportunity to go to the UK I decided to take that chance and leave the country in 2004. In the UK I registered at a Dental school in London where I obtained a certficate in dental nursing, that’s where my Journey began, in 2007 I came back home, got a job as a dental assistance at Dorado Medi Center. My love for dentistry started growing everyday I go to work and that made me a perfect assistant and my boss started encouraging me to go for further studies.

3. Where did you go to school?

I attended my primary school i.e from Grades 1-7 at Onesi, Grade 8 at Otjikoto then Etosha and High school at Ruacana Secondary School where I matriculated in 2000.

3. What are you studying now and at which university?

Currently I am studying Dentistry at Belarussian State Medical University in Belarus, still a long way to go but I am getting there.

4. Are there certain things that you just came to learn in that country?

Yes, of course being in a new country whereby everything that you go through is a challenge or admiration on its own, I came to find such a massive diversity in culture, belief and social conduct here, the people are so in love with their culture and their country to such an extent that they became ignorant of other people from other countries and their other religions for example they tend to generalize everything about Africa. To them Africa is one big warn torn country with hungry and mentally challenged people. They think that we should consider ourselves  extremely lucky and fortunate to move out of Africa. Nevertheless Namibia is more developed in many ways Belarus. However I would say Belarus is the most safest place I have been to one rarely hears about violence especially towards foreigners. The people are very friendly.

5. Did our education system prepared you enough to cope with your studies beside the language issue?

It has been a challenge in my chosen field of study – dentistry where science related subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry are compulsory here. In my first year it was like repeating Grade 12 but at a much high level. Most of the Namibians experience difficulties in these Science subjects because our level of knowledge in the Science field is not on par with theirs. There is a need to introduce a bridging course for Namibian students who are planning to study abroad in order to meet international standard. I must however commend the Belarussian education system for paying great attention to students for them to deliver and the willingness to help us in the best possible manner especially in our case that we have to do a full year language course.

6. Who is your favourite author?

Paulo Coelho, he is wonderful

7. What are you dreaming to do when you finish with your studies?

For  each and every dentistry student the dream is to own a dental practice, but me I would like to extend my dream to open up a Training Center where  we can train our chairside assistant. I could not believe it when I was the only qualified dental assistant within the Namibian dental association.

8. What was your most exciting thing that happened to you during the last 3 years?

Entering the medical school was the most exciting thing ever, apart from that I became a mother to a wonderful handsome boy Manicky whom I left home with my parents to raise him for me so that I continue with my studies.

9. Would you like to say something to our youth in Namibia?

Namibian youth are facing challenges that I wish I could destroy overnight but truly all I can say  life is not easy as it seems to be when we are young, it will catch up with age, therefore now is the time to focus and make our dreams come true Nothing can stop you unless you don’t look at yourself as a winner. And I also want to urge all my fellow youth that our dreams of furthering our education do not end when Polytechnic or UNAM tell you that you are not qualified to enter a course or that you don’t have enough points or that there is no space for you. Do not become another statistics of unemployed youth just hanging around the streest, be more persistent and hardworking because where there is a will there is always a way.

10. How did you come across Namtranslations’ website and does it provide some information to Namibians abroad?

Xuxa introduced me to the website in 2008 or 2009 that time I was still in Namibia and when I came to Belarus I visited the sites so much, okutala omafano LOL

11. Would you like to tell us any other thing?

Tate Kashindi tangi unene kepandja ndi. This is really great what you are doing. Keep up the good work..

Thank you very much Naambo, we wish you well in your studies.


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