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Categories: namambe interview

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1.Please tell us a bit about yourself?

If I am not known by that picture already then Queen Ndapewa Ya Avula is a passionate socialite who loves to do what she loves to do. I am a full-time producer at the NBC tv. You must have rewarded my energy to educate on the nation’s educational programme School Grounds. Ya..daaaaasy. ame nho ngo. Part-time I’m into events. I am the lady behind the now very famous Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant, but I also do other events and planning to go bigger and beyond. I am an entrepreneur and before the list continues, a jack of all trades would compose me.
I don’t come with a lot of friends, I am just friendly. I am bi- lingual, I speak English, all the Oshiwambo dialects, German, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Shona, Otjiherero, Damara, it’s a talent mbela wan.
Why do you think I associate so easily?

2. What do you do for a living?
A jack of all trades would compose me. Eish I’m too fast ne…nda teya nale in question one…anyway let’s continue

3. If you are given a choice in which country would you like to live for good.

Wow, I swear, my heart is filled with adventure, I associate very easily, I get bored easily, I am innovative, I am fair, I love my people, I love new things I am creative so no country would never suit me. so above said defines nokutcha I would love travelling world wide and back to the land of the brave. On an island I would never miss a boat/ship cruise, in St. Lucia I would just wake up to go clubbing, in Mauritius I would be on a white towel appreciating a full body massage sipping on a cocktail in my hands, manicured nails…, in Zambia for example, I will mesmerize watching the waterfall and just appreciating God’s work, in fact that is my next destination 2012, I would not go to America because they are not for real, I am authentic, I would rather be at Seychelles to enjoy another Caribbean feel and a touch of the white sand pouring on my legs and just dancing on the beach, now I don’t mind Angola because I love the craziness there, Luanda especially, but hey not to settle, remember. I would go anywhere when granted the opportunity ndishi, I will travel and never get bored ever again.

 4. Who is your role model and why?

Eish by default. My mom. Yeses that woman?????That woman is beyond strong. Nothing lets her down, nothing, she falls and stands up, falls again and stands up. She does not discriminate and love to raise anybody any time, her gift of life is about the people, then her. I have that thing in me too. Unselfishness. She doesn’t fail and that’s the spirit woman that a woman should have. Since daddy died in 1988, she has taken upon herself to raise all 4 girls, she enabled us to get educated to be where we are today. She has fed us and we never ever went hungry. Very few mothers are like MY MOM, VERONICA AVULA, she is my role model.

5. Your name has been associated with Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant, to what extent are you involved in this contest?

Hold on let me quickly play the song by Pezzicco, I have it in my biggest musique file “Outapi Mini Lodge” Revived. I am a committee member. I have been since its inception. You see interesting enough I was there when we started Miss Outapi Mini lodge a few years ago. Every year we grow and grow, and as people enjoyed the event we feel the need to grow further. As you rightly said it, it’s no longer Miss Outapi Mini lodge. We have grown big. I am outspoken and I am the network cable within the committee. The project is amazing and it is my wish to grow it to a level where it can sustain itself. I created and cemented the slogan: Outapi Mini Lodge, always gives back to the community.  The saying goes, the more you give, the more you get. I have not said enough yet, I am excited to move to the next question, and maybe I will publish a book about this very interesting project. Namambe platform too small mos. We are guided by the main sponsor of Miss Outapi, Mr Sackey Aipinge. Another Role Model who has a gift of giving and sharing.

6. What makes you very excited in life?

When I look forward to do something interesting in life especially when it involves people and by people I mean society benefiting. Organizing events, I am passionate, skip. Spending quality time with my MAN, meeting business associates. I do not chat for the wrong reasons, I love to learn from them. PERIOD. And my Plummitjie (ok her vambo name is Erenstine Megameno Ndeapo KWEYO). That little girl of mine is amazing, she excites me every day, She is sweet, smart and intelligent, she understands a lot of things I tell you. What excites me also is the conversations we have, her kisses and me just buying goodies for her, staff, I just buy ounima wani, oukolokoto …. She excites me big time.

7. If you have to choose between a sport BMW car and a 2 year FREE Call contract by MTC what would you choose and why?

I have a Favourite car but I am not into cars, nor have BMW’s beguiled me. The network cable would certainly go for the contract, it brings me business ndaluka? 

8. What message do you have for the youth?

Focus! The rest watch my production on NBC TV every Friday at 4 pm. The interaction is vigilant.

9. What was your most embarrassing moment in your life?

Auwwwww, aaayye wan….embarassments come awkwardly tog. AAYe kaume, I am in a good mood already , I don’t wanna remember them….(smile).

10. What message do you have to all the sponsors that supported the event?

We want to continue carrying you along the sailing boat. That of giving and sharing. You give, we give, they receive, they give back. It’s a cycle. The reward comes at the end of the day and you for sure will smile to greater testimonies and beyond. The more sponsors we have, the bigger the event, the fun, the pride, the testimonies. We are serious about our SLOGAN which will never fail us because the passion lives on. THANK YOU VERY MUCH is an understatement and for those who wish to get on board, stop wishing and get on board now.

11. When first did you come in contact with Namtranslations?

I wonder, etse?????I think Tate Sackey introduced me to the Outapi Mini Lodge’s website and because I love to network, I simply opened links and I landed on this interesting site that also grows from strength to strength. Oh by the way speaking of Namtanslations, I STILL want to contribute more than just Namambe….please let us just rejoice on that resolution. I love your site and want to contribute to it….poetry, sayings, etc, call it anything, just create okakololo for me to reach out? How difficult is that again?

12. Anything that you would like to share with us?
It’s been interesting finally coming to the end of my questionnaire, a privilege indeed. Well the questions might have been few but hey that is me like that, briefly mbela. Meet me in person. To those who give, keep on keeping on, to the ambitious, follow suit, oto hanga nda fika nale, friends and family, much love. Let me cut it short, call me if you mean business, cos if you don’t have anything to say really, press cancel on your phone. Kashindi, we keep in touch hasho.

13. What are your future plans?

Well like any ambitious person, to become very rich and give back to my people. I am registering a few names this year and I am gonna be serious about kicking them off.
Thank you very much Queen, we will give you a slot for further contributions!


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