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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Timberland to Namambe, how many languages do you speak?
I speak mostly all the Namibian languages, and English, Afrikaans, Portuguese and most of foreign language I know their basics

2. What is your favourite town?
Outapi waNakafingo naTemba(Naame) is forever my favourite town

3. Who is your role model in the Namibia
I got two role models, the first one is my Mother, she is like my life skills teacher to me and the second one is Dr. Sam Nuyoma, he is the greatest man on the planet

4. Tell us more about yourself? And what you do for living?
My name is Silas Shonghela Temba Andowa well known Timberland, was born mouyuni womakakunya,,,lol, By Queen Lungameni(mother) and Akwenye kwaAndowa(Father), was born at Omundjalala village near Anamulenge mission at Outapi, I grew up and raised at Oshihenye village just next to Outapi, by my Late Uncle(Lungameni well-known Longman), I was only a boy in the house, looking after cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys and do other house activities. I went to the kindergarden,,,kosikola yoshikunino at Anamulenge, from Sub-A to Std 1 I was schooling at Anamulenge (Kolaele)
I went to continue at Okavu combined which is called A.J.Pandeni until grade 10
In 1997- 1998 I completed my grade 12 at Nuyoma SS School.
In 1999 I was studying at Unam northern campus, before I moved to the Polytechnic of Namibia in Windhoek in 2000, just the same year I changed to Unam main campus where I was studying B.Sc in Fisheries and Marine science, I graduated in 2005, I am a professional Soldier well-trained at Okahandja Military Base, From there I went to Airforce where I was in trained as a technician, since I like to work in water than being in the Air, I went to join the Namibia Navy at Walvis bay, I like exploring life around me, currently am working at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources(MFMR) in Omusati region as a Fisheries Research Technician

6. If you were a lady what is one thing that you will do every day?

7. Do you think tea is better than coffee? And why?
Yes, Tea is better than Coffee, because is more health than Coffee

8. What makes you very excited?
When I get a gift from a woman

9. If you are given all the empty factory halls at Ramatex as a gift, what are you going to do with them?
I turn it into good use by our Namibian Youth rooming around in the streets

10. What is your favourite book?
The Philosophy of Misery by Proudhon

11. How would you describe a gentleman?
Is a guy that understands life, he knows when, where and to whom to do or say something. You won’t be a gentleman if you don’t have respect for people of all levels more especially to women.

12. What should be done to create more job opportunities in Namibia?
First the Government must provide the land to those who have business in mind, projects like Etunda irrigation must be set up in all regions, and Vocational training must be expanded to all regions and should be affordable. Government Loans for starting up business must be given without collateral

13. What has been your most embarrassing moment?
I was singing at Youth centre and I fell on the stage

14. What does your name Timberland mean?
I used to like wearing Timberland from head to the toes, one day my herero friend, thought my name is Timberland, because he just heard people calling my name Temba,,,

15. Would you like to tell us any other thing?
I would like to tell young people out there, that, they must be serious with their education, because Education is the backbone of our country, without them we got no future. The Government must make School from grade1 to grade 12 free for all. At the end just want to say we must listen and act more than talking.
Thank you Mr. Kashindi
“kulupa nao” oshiima shiwa nai nai.




With Minister Bernard Esau and colleagues

Fish Experiment

Research at Rundu Beach

Blue Lafamilia, Timberland and Kamasutra


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