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Categories: namambe interview

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1. Welcome Mr. Aipinge please tell us about your favorite colour?
Frankly, it depends where I am going. I am a man who loves my suit.  Whether it is karky, navy blue, black, brown or cream, I will wear it to very important meetings.
When I tune into a social mode, I do my blue jeans and my blue shirt. I am not color sensitive. Ok fine, maybe I like blue then.  

2. How many languages do you speak and how did you learn them?
I can speak almost six local languages  fluently, (Oshiwambo in all seven dialects, Afrikaans, English,  Otjiherero, Damara/Nama(Khoekhoegowab) and Rukwangari and about three other languanges (Tswana, Portuguese and Lingala ) that I can fairly speak.

3. Great! Please tell us a bit more about yourself?
My name is Natangwe yaPetrus yaSalomo  yaAipinge, was born at Outapi, Ombalantu. I grew up like all other boys of that time looking after cattle of my Father and that of Tatekulu Aikali yaMushitonde and Muhongo yaMukatala.  

4. Where did you attend your primary and secondary as well as tertiary education?
My Primary Education was at Nakayale Primary now known as Sakeus Ihuxwa Primary School up to Standard III, AND then continue with Senior Primary at, Okalunga now better known as Erki Tauya, Secondary at David Sheehama SS, at Outapi and later Mweshipandeka senior secondary school in 1987-1988, before we were banned from school for political reasons at the time.

My tertiary education was at Wits university where I obtained my post-graduate certificate in industrial relation (CPIR and later in 2001/2002 I participated in International Training Program, under the ILO (INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION) via UNAM, University of Lesotho and University of Cape Town (UCT) and I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Law (B.Com Honours – Professional -NQA level) – Conciliation and Arbitration passed with a Distinction .

I attended various professional training at various institutions in Banking AND Finance. Conflict and dispute resolutions both locally, SA and USA.

In 1999 I was awarded the Honorary Citizenship of Georgia , in Atlanta , USA.

5. Tell us about your career and experiences in the business world. (Full CV)
I am a professional business man in my own right despite my backround being a former trade unionist with professional legal qualifications as a trained Professional Arbitrator and Mediator with many years of experience in Employment Law and Alternative Dispute resolution as a means for conflict management and resolution.
I started my business career when I was first seconded to the Mineworkers Union Investment Company in September 2009, first in Acting Capacity and understudying the outgoing MD by then Jacob Nafimane Nghifindaka, the founding MD of Nam-Mic.
I was then appointed by the Board in a substantive position as MD of Nam-MIC, the position I served until April 2006, after I joined the CIH Group and later seconded to Welwitschia Nammic Insurance Brokers as the MD, I served in this position until December 2010, before I was recalled by the Group to undergo the Executive Development Program in Banking Career, and I am currently serving as Business Development Executive under this program, supporting various department in this respect Business development initiatives and indentification of new business opportunities and customer relationship buildings. It is worth mentioning that I am proud to look back 12 years ago that I have succuessfully carried out my mandates in various positions I have served and have built a base for the Union Commercial business to grow further and contribute to job creation and economic development of this country. I can proudly declare that we have build solid business and successful financial services companies with an asset base of closer to half a billion dollars to date, and this companies are really making positive impact to the lives of the Namibian People.

6. What do you do in your free time?
Most of the time I use my free time wisely. A wise man goes out there to network, mingle and network. In business, the principle is clear. Networking determines where your business is heading to. The world revolves; your worst enemy could be your next best business associate. People need to understand the world of business. I spend my free time mostly travelling around the country looking for business opportunities to empower the employed, the unemployed and the equally ambitious. When I am not travelling, I am in a social mode where many gather for mere fun or significance as emphasized above. I do not gym.
When the above is yet another experience, I visit Outapi Mini Lodge and carry with me an event that will benefit the residence of not only Outapi. That is how I am, I do not need to be reminded that I am not in this world alone, I just create platforms to empower people. I have a dynamic team that plans my events, I sponsor it to the core and we kill two birds with one stone. That is just how I am. READING IS ALSO ONE OF MY HOBBIES.

7. You have played a pivotal role in hosting the Miss Outapi Beauty pageant during the last two years, what is Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant all about and where did the idea originate from? 
The Miss Outapi Beauty  Pageant is the baby of OUTAPI MINI LODGE that hosted it during the official opening of Outapi Mini Lodge three years ago, I then decided that we have to make the event inclusive of all Outapi community and Namibia at large, this event is really hosted in order to promote the youth participation in social events and realize their potential in beauty and modelling, so do not be surprised if the next Miss Namibia will come from these ladies who participated in Miss OUTAPI for the past years, I can tell you they have a huge potential and the Judges can confirm this .

 8. What are the benefits and drawbacks of hosting Miss Outapi in a remote town like Outapi?
The benefit is that we also generate more business sales as local business people during this event AND MEET AND REUNITE  NEW AND OLD FRIEDS DURING THE FESTIVE SEASON, however I have to tell you that the hosting of this event is too costly and sometimes I have to carry the losses as the main sponsor, hence I really urge all our business people to support the innitiative including but not limited to the Town Council and Regional Council.

9. How successful was Miss Outapi 2011 Beauty Pageant?
Miss Outapi 2011 was very successful because it was well organized because it was properly and well coordinate than before, the participation was very good from all aspects and we did receive great financial support from our sponsors and we urge them to continue in the future.

10. What message do you have for all the sponsors that supported the event?
I can only say thank you so much and please continue to support the event because without your support Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant’s future can not be guaranteed.

11. Would you like to say anything at this stage about Miss Outapi 2012?
Yes, as we speak right now I have to say every weekend we do our planning about how we can organize the event better than before, our vision is to double the numbers of participation and soon you will see our organizers in front of your doors sharing more informations about Miss Outapi 2012. .

12. Mr Aipinge what does it mean to give back to the community as per Outapi Mini Lodge’s motto?
GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY MEANS we are sharing our return on investment with our customers and the community through the hosting of this social event including and not limited to the after party at Ruacana for example that we funded 100 %, secondly every year we have a project where we take N$ 6000 or 10,000 annually and we donate food to our elderly people in Outapi who are in need of food and other daily basic needs. And this initiative was very welcomed by our senior citizens and we appreciate that.

13. One Facebooker wanted to know when will Mr. Outapi be hosted? Do you think this can also be done and if so, do you think men would be interested to take part?
If possible we can, why not, but let them give us ideas on how to do it ?

14. If you are given a fried chicken and a beef steak which one would you start with?
I will chose to start with  beef, but I must also be mindfull of effects such as Gout .

15. In your view what would be the best way to develop rural communities?
The rular community should be developed through active involvement in the developmental issues , so that they take ownership other than become followers whereas they just depend on the notion of demanding from government for their needs.

16. Who is your role model in Namibia and why?
My role model is Dr. Sam Nujoma as far as social and political issues are concerned and in addition he inspired me to embrace unity, respect others and continue to learn. His leadership quality has contributed a lot to what we have achieved during his presidential tenure as Namibian Nation.

17. If you are given a donation of 5 Million Namibian dollars to do anything that can improve people’s lives in rural areas what are you going to do with it?
I will first establish the rural areas real needs and see how I can fit it in the amount available and then donate according to the weight allocated to each need that shall really make impact to improve the rural areas livelyhood. Furthermore I will create rular developmental projects and make them part of it and thereby they will accumulate skills and take ownership of their own developmental needs and I will just provide support and guidance when so required.

18. Do you think Namibians are in general hardworking people? Why?
Yes, I agree that Namibians are hardworking people, we just need to continue educating them and build skills only through that we shall overcome poverty, hunger and desease.

19. What would you describe as your biggest achievements during the last 3 years?
To have succsefully hosted Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant on a social aspect and academically I have contributed significantly in terms of the business growth at all entities where I have been in leadership positions.

20. What makes you very happy in general?
If everyone is happy and has something to eat every day and not sleeping on empty stomach  I am happy.

21. Is there any other thing you would like to share with us?
We are about to finish our planning for this year Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant and soon we will share with you’re the results, last but not least please allow me to use this opportunity to thank the Organisers  and Judges of Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant. I would also like to thank our sponsors and supporters and most importantly our customers as well as the staff of Outapi mini lodge, without you and your support we can’t do much.
Finally I would also like to thank Namtranslations for hosting Miss Outapi Event on its website and for webcasting the event. Let me inform you that I was phoned by someone during the event who was telling me that he was watching Miss Outapi on Facebook at the time the event was taking place. This was super because even people who couldn’t make it had a chance to view it online.

Thanks Mr. Aipinge for your time and insight…


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