1. Welcome to Namambe Mr Titus Aikanga Ndatunga Angula Heita AKA Lyf, I am Kashindi Ausiku your host this time around?Thank you for having me

2. Could you please tell us briefly about yourself?
I’m Titus Aikanga Ndatunga Angula Heita (28) well known as ‘’Lyf’’.I was born and raised in a small village in a heart of Outapi called ‘Okaile-Nakayale, in Omusati Region. I’m an open minded young man, very dynamic and flexible. I respect different opinions from any angles. Attended primary education at DAPP Private Primary school-Onambelela in Outapi District and then proceeded to Oshigambo High school for my secondary education. I later than enroled at Monitronic Success College where I did my Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

3. It looks like you have a keen interest in motor bikes. How old when you first did ride a bike? Would you like to tell us about bikes and at what age you started to ride them? In addition in your view what are bikes mostly used for in Namibia and are there some business or sport opportunities in this field? Are there professional clubs that one may join?
I used to do BMX stunts (Bicycle) when I was younger (8-12 years). I first rode a bike when I was 16 years and that was only for about 8 months in Outapi. When I went to high school (Oshigambo), there was no much opportunity. I started more passionately in 2015 and now I have a total of over 150 000Km on a motorbike.

Bikes in Namibia are primarily used as a hobby/for Recreation purposes, but there are some that use it as a mode of transport for city rides and deliveries but also for long distance travelling or tours.

Business = those used for deliveries e.g Pharmaceutical companies, food deliveries like Debonairs pizza and riding schools like Nam-Riders.

Sports=There are quite a number of off-road sports in Windhoek and Swakopmund.

And of course, there are quite a few clubs which are mostly indigenised based on people’s preferences, clicks, backgrounds etc. We have BMW, Harley Davidson and Eenghoshi Bikers Club.

4. Normally when people look at bikes the first fear is to fall off and get seriously hurt or die, so what would you like to say about this fear and maybe you can also distinguish myths from facts?
For most people the only time they hear about bikes is when someone dies. As much as bikers die too, it’s safe to ride. Cars also kill many people annually. Think of this, all our members are professionals. We have doctors, engineers, business people, pastors, family men and women etc. Such smart and responsible people can certainly not engage in something they know is life-threatening. We are professional riders. We train and adhere to safety standards. But I strongly believe it is fear, anxiety and phobia of getting on a bike, which is the reason why we have a few of them in our Northern parts.

Fear is present in our everyday lives, whether you are in a donkey cart, riding a horse, flying on a plane and sometimes driving in a car. It is Equally the same when you are on a motorbike,how ever casting away fear is an individual choice. True bikers ride to feel, touch, breathe, laugh, overcome, relax, belong, feel strong, heal, love be loved back and to communicate without words. But most importantly, they ride to live.

There are different types of bikes meant for different things. Bikers who seek adventure tend to buy adventure bikes, other bikers just want to cruise into the sunset, they ride cruisers. Than there bikers like us, the Adrenaline Junkies riden by fast bikes (talk about certain features of bikes like modes e.g rain, slick, race, sport and dynamic mode, the general rules of biking, obtaining licences and riding with the most experienced bikers to learn from them etc) as well as the protective gear.

5. How fast are bikes compared to cars? How do you feel when you are on it and are bikes good for females? And what are the price ranges of motor bikes?
Bikes are quick. These are two worlds apart. Bikes have a much better and higher power to weight ratio compared to cars. But one has to compare Apple with Apple. You can’t take a 600cc and race it against a E63s or BMW M5 competition for example. The comparison has to make sense.

A feeling arose whenever on a bike is a sensational gesture that one has never experienced before in a while or in a lifetime. The experience is different and like no other and there’s a side of mother nature one had never experienced. The wind hits your face and that’s when you know that life is beautiful. For some its fulfilling and for others it is an escape from all their troubles. Riding is not just an adventure, but it’s a passion, lifestyle and a discipline.

The culture of biking is very new to us. And by that I mean to a black community. Out of 50 women, only 1 is a biker. This has been the case for so many years however in our club Eenghoshi bikers club, we would like to contribute immensely to changing the general perceptions of biking and also encourage more female riders. You will be amazed by the number of females that are professional bikers when you travel around the continent…Yet without doubt they still perform their tasks of mothering, being wives and breadwinners. Biking is really cool and if we give it a chance we will learn to love as well as appreciate it.

The price range of bikes generally depends on the make, brand and choice(preferably from N$70 000-N$1.4 000 000)

6. Have you been involved in professional activities relating to bikes? Please give details
So far we did three (3) international trips. The 1st trip was held in Gaborone, Botswana ( the launch of the bikers club ). The 2nd trip was hosted in Pretoria, South Africa (TLB charity launch). The 3rd trip took place in Johannesburg, South Africa (Sopa-Yopa). I simply own a bike because I see biking as a hobby but on top of that I see it as a lifestyle.

7. What about the helmet and attire that bikers wear? Are they not too heavy and why do people most of the time ride bikes in small group or pairs?
Those are referred to as protective clothing/gear. They are designed to protect the most sensitive parts of your body. The helmet is meant to protect your head, the suit and jackets are padded on the shoulders, knees and elbows and they are not considered to be heavy at all. The body easily adjusts. In our club we never allow our members to ride without protective gears as it is considered compulsory.

There is a term in biking called “Brotherhood” and “Sisterhood”, which simply translates to looking out and after one another. We are family and all bikers should look after one another. The reason you see two or more bikers riding together is because riding alone is lonely, it is very fascinating when we move in formations with the pack. The way we communicate without words but rather with the sound of our bikes throttles…Only a fellow biker would really understand our Lingo.

8. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?
Perhaps that the greatest regrets in life are the risks you did not take, so if you have a business idea and there is a risk, take it. If there is a girl you wish to marry but there is a risk, take it. If there is a bike that you like and there is a risk, take it. There are so many great opportunities that pass by us because we fear of the unknown. Learn to have curiosity in life because you only live once.

9. In your view if you are not given speed limit how many hours will it take you to reach Outapi?
It would approximately take me about 2hours and 45mins which is approximately 800 km from Windhoek?

Thank you Angula for your time and valuable information/photos that you provided. This interview in my view is a fascinating eye opener and it helps people to start appreciating bikes just as they do with cars.

For his video clips that he contributed click this link to view