Welcome to Namambe Kilian. It is a great pleasure to have you.
This interview is divided into two parts. Part I (deals with fitness while Part II will focus on relationships)

Part I:

Please tell us about yourself?

Kilian Gates Wombulu is a young and simple man who loves sports and exercises.
I was born at Okapuku village in Ombalantu. I was adopted for few years at Omufitu Wanauyala village and later moved back to my parents’ house at Onambelela village. I attended my Primary School at Anamulenge Primary School and then went to Okavu Combined School which has now been renamed John Alphons Pandeni Combined School. I did my Grade 10 at Canisianum Junior Secondary School. In 2002 I finished my GR 12 at Negumbo Secondary School. In 2008, I got my diploma in secondary education from Mutare Teachers’ College in Zimbabwe. I am currently a Mathematics teacher at Outjo Secondary School in Kunene region.

Being a sports lover what makes your perfect breakfast?

Kilian: I don’t take breakfast… neither do I drink tea or coffee

That’s weird because many people were made to believe that a person can only concentrate
well at work if he or she had a good breakfast.

Kilian: That’s a myth.

In your view what causes fat belly and what should be done to prevent or address it?

Kilian: Fat bellies normally come as a result of bad diet. With this I mean eating food that contributed to fast development and building up of fat. This food could be fatty and/or sugary food. Another cause of fat belly is when people burn less calorie then what they have consumed. If you have high input and low output, the body has no other use for the remaining unused calories but to turn it into fat which will be stored for future use. So the bad practice is, we never give the body a chance to use up this fat and this will lead to fat accumulation.
Another factor is, our training intensity doesn’t match the calories intake and this is like taking one step up and two steps down. The bottom line is, it’s useless to do workout while eating wrong food (bad diet). We really need to cut sugar in our food. Most of what we call tasty food today are full of sugar and this is not good for our health in general.

Let’s talk about discipline and time management when it comes to workout. Many people find it difficult to manage their times and ended up ignoring their own schedules. What are your opinions on this?

Kilian: Discipline is very important in fitness world. You can achieve nothing if you have no discipline. Discipline in the fitness world is the ability to learn what should be done and what should not be done for instance which types of food and drinks one needs to avoid completely. Moreover, one needs to have a commitment on his or her diet and training schedules without skipping or defaulting. All these boils down to discipline.

With regard to time management, many of us have a lot on our plates every day and this makes it difficult for us to find time for our workouts or at the end of the day one is already exhausted and can’t think of adding more to that.
In this case people need to come up with a schedule that works for them. In my case, I train every weekday from 4H30 to 5H30 in the morning before I go to work. I live with my 3 year daughter but I can still manage to prepare myself and her in the morning after my workouts.

However, some people find it ideal to workout from 17h00 after work, but this did not work for me very well as I always wake up feeling tired in the morning. The morning sessions works wonders for me as I have the whole day to shake of the tiredness.

Do you eat and drink whatever comes to the table?

Kilian: Food is needed for energy and body building but food also happens to be the destroyer of our physiques. I don’t eat everything that comes to the table. I pick my food in the shops based on sugar content on the labels. Too much sugar is not good, so I avoid those ones. I also trim off fat from my red meat. I also remove the skin from my chicken meat. The only time I eat fat is when eating Kapana which I only happen to eat once in a while when I am in Windhoek.

How many hours do you train per week?

Kilian: My training is only done on week days (Mon-Fri). I can also do it on weekends but only when I am traveling just to make up for the missed day/s. My training lasts for a minimum of 45min to 1 hour maximum.

What type of training do you do?
Weight lifting dominates my training since I have a small gym I set up at home. Mostly bench press, squats, chin-ups, press ups, deadlifts, curls and cycling for my cardio.

Do you normally go for a massage after training?

Kilian: LOL, I wish I could, but even if I had the offer, I’d rather let the body do the recovery just on its own. Plus I’ve never been massaged before and I am scared to be done on me.

In the following photo I see you meditating, is there a link between meditation and physical exercise?